Wednesday Night Messages


8.30.15 Parents Meeting.

Sorry, I know I am talking super fast in this meeting.  I was hoping to keep the meeting as brief as possible, while still covering all the necessary information.  🙂

9.9.15 Intro to James

Who wrote the book of James?  To whom did he write?  Why did he write?

10.7.15 James 1:9-11

What is your focus?

10.14.15 James 1:13-15

How to claim victory over temptation.

10.28.15 James 1:16-18

What is your view of God? (God is the Source of everything good).

11.11.15 James 1:19-20

What is your view of God?  (God is the Savior).


It has been too long since uploading content.  Click the link below to see our study of James to this point (1/31/18):

click here

2.7.18 James 4:6 Part 1

God’s grace is greater.

2.14.18 James 4:6 Part 2

The problem of pride.

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